hello this is my website

Welcome to...whatever this place is! I kind of made this site out of boredom during quarentine. I have very limited knowledge of HTML and almost no knowledge of CSS so I also took this as an oppurtinuty to learn and re-learn web coding. I'm not very good but i'm still learning, so don't be surprised if this site goes through a lot of changes. Also, i can never stick with a theme, so...


10/5/20: Added a page for my inktober drawings!! Will update every few days. Find it in my gallery page.

8/31/20: Added some drawings to the gallery! Feel free to check them out.

8/25/20: I didnt realize i hadn't actually added my interests page, but its there now!

8/19/20: Moved the update log, I just think it looks better here. Added a journal page! And got rid of some links on the left sidebar. Put some neocities sites I really like where the update log was.

8/4/20: Added a friends page, some more links on the links page, and a new art piece on the gallery page!

7/27/20: I have officially finished setting up this site! This site will always be changing but this is what ive got so far! Still have to work on some other pages but i've done the important stuff first.

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